Your TSP!

Your tsp!

Join us for a special 60-minute educational webinar

On February 15th and learn how to Demystifying Your tsp .

By attending this webinar you’ll unlock the secrets behind your federal benefits and discover the best ways to enter retirement confidently and comfortably.

During the webinar, we'll cover:

Keynote Speakers

With over 20 combined years exclusively serving federal employees, Justin T. Pierce, Fiduciary, ChFEBC℠, FRC℠,
and James M. Campbell, Fiduciary, ChFEBC℠, FRC℠, lead an expert team of Federal Retirement Consultants whose
main goal is to provide unbiased, insightful, and complimentary federal benefit training and federal retirement
planning to all members of both retirement systems.

Justin T. Pierce

Fiduciary, FRC℠

James Campbell

Fiduciary, FRC℠

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