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How To Maximize Your Federal Retirement!

Are you a Federal Employee looking to make the most out of your federal retirement benefits? We are excited to invite you to our comprehensive Federal Retirement Benefits Webinar, where you’ll gain valuable insights and strategies to navigate your federal retirement benefits confidently!

Webinar Presenters

This live event will be hosted by renowned federal benefits experts: Justin T. Pierce, Fiduciary, FRC℠ & James M. Campbell, Fiduciary, FRC℠.  Justin & James have over 20 years combined experience in exclusively training & serving federal employees.

What You'll Learn In This Complimentary Training...

Understanding Your Benefits

Learn about the various retirement plans available for federal employees, including FERS, CSRS, and more.

Healthcare and Insurance

Understand your healthcare and life insurance coverage options pre- and post-retirement.

TSP Maximization

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Thrift Savings Plan, investment options, and contribution limits.

Maximizing Social Security

Discover how to coordinate your federal benefits with Social Security for a secure retirement income.

Survivor Benefits Explained

Gain a comprehensive understand of survivor benefits

Forms Needed For Retirement

The forms you need for retirement vary depending on your specific situation and the retirement system you’re a part of within the federal government.


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