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P. King

SSA, Bethesda, MD
“I would recommend all my federal colleagues to talk with Justin. My initial consultation was the most informative session I have ever had while working here. I’ve attended at least 5 to 6 benefit planning seminars, and none have been quite as good and insightful as the phone consultation I did with Justin. He saved me a ton of money by helping us replace Option B FEGLI with a private sector life insurance policy.”

John B.

U.S.C.G.-Jacksonville, FL
”My experience working with James was fantastic! He added so much clarity to the mysterious world of retirement, that I am looking at making more during retirement than in my last year of working. I now have a firm plan for my future and have learned so much in a very short period. I wish I had done this long ago, I would probably be long retired already. Most definitely worth it.”

R. Gregory

USDA; Riverdale, MD
“I am very impressed with the knowledge James provided me. With just one conversation he has really eased my mind about retiring. I do have work to do, but it’s ok. I look forward to continuing the process with him. Thank you for being willing to educate federal employees!”

S. Baxendale

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
“Justin has done an outstanding job helping me better understand my benefits and prepare for my future retirement. After interviewing several financial planners and their investment recommendations, we are so pleased to have decided to work with Justin and invest in the FIA he suggested. It is safe, secure, and we know it will be there throughout retirement without losses!”

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